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TOREX Loading Bellows Excel

时间: 2014-10-27

Loading Bellows are one of TOREX’s key products and range among WAMGROUP’s top selling items。 They distinguish themselves from competitors’ loading spouts through a number of advantages which are greatly appreciated by both plant fitters and end users。

SPIROMATIC is one of Belgium’s major plant manufacturers specialising in food processing equipment and plant installations, developing comprehensive, durable solutions for automated storage, conveying and dosing of both dry and liquid raw materials for the industry. The company, based in Nazareth, a small town south-west of Ghent, has been an important customer of WAM B.H.M. in Belgium for almost two decades. During this period SPIROMATIC has often played an important role in suggesting improvements for WAMGROUP products and laying the way for the introduction of new ones. On more than one occasion field tests with new, innovative equipment were successfully carried out in SPIROMATIC plants.

In 2013 SPIROMATIC commissioned a plant to a renowned Belgian food producer for processing of mainly corn flour along with other components. Apart from ten ZH-type Open Truck Loading Bellows connected with a centralised dust collector, WAM B.H.M. received an order for the same number of VLQ-type Slide Valves and WAMFLO Atex Silo Venting Filters.

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