WAMGROUP International Test Labs

时间: 2016-06-12

A year ago, WAMGROUP launched an ambitious project: setting up a series of test laboratories in various countries at the premises of their subsidiaries。 Driven by the aim of offering the Group’s customers the opportunity to verify process feasibility and to carry out tests close to their home, the project took shape。 To ensure equal conditions everywhere WAMGROUP Corporate issued specifications on laboratory equipment and test procedures, as well as safety instructions regarding both handling of materials to be tested and the different trial arrangements。

In putting the procedures in place, particular attention had to be paid to shared reporting of the test results. To make sure that the Corporate Divisions interested in those results would be able to obtain immediate access to the reports, WAMGROUP uses software shared by all their test labs worldwide, enabling uploading of the reports by a simple mouse click.

The test results from all the test laboratories are published by the Corporate Divisions in a monthly Newsflash, which is sent to related staff at the WAMGROUP subsidiaries.

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